Around 2006 Diane met a woman who did bird rescue. The lady told Diane about this little one-eyed miniature macaw that needed a home. So one day we drove waaay out to her house to meet the bird.

Another sad story. The little thing would just run around the floor and bite anyone who tried to pick him up. Their name for him at the time was Little Bit.

We bought him and took him home. It took awhile, but he warmed up to David and after Sam flew off, Wink became the "big bird." He's not very social and he's a squawker, not a talker.

The Good Side

Isn't he a cutie? He doesn't say much at all - just a little nasal caw sound. When I call him, I try to sound like him and say his name - "Waaaank." Click the audio to hear him say hello.

Arrrgh, Matey!

Wink was born with one eye that never developed. It's just a tiny white ball inside his eye sac. He would make the perfect pirate bird if you could find a patch for his eye!

Bath Time!

This bird loves to take a bath. He just trashes up the whole room with water that he shakes off his feathers and throws out of the bowl. Every other week David puts him on his special shower perch and they both take a shower together.


If he were a dog, he'd be a Pit Bull Terrier. Look at that schnozz! I think he's saying "Mama" in the audio.