It was Diane's 50th birthday and she wanted a bird. Not just any bird, but a TALKER. David found an African grey, but they never bonded, so that gift was returned.

Later that fall, we went to a big flea market north of Acworth on US 41. There we found a bird breeder who invited us to his place to maybe pick out a bird.

Tater was gimpy. She had a severe underbite that got worse the more nervous she got. She was the smallest and the cutest, and she stole Diane's heart.

Hi Girlie!

That's just about Tater's only phrase. She also knows "Night night, girly" and she can scream "David" right along with Diane. Here she gives a high five to the camera and in the audio says "Hi Girlie!"

Gimpy Girl

Here she bends her head down as if to say, "Pet me." "Nite nite nite" is the audio here.

Just pickin'

Who  says you can't pick your friend's nose? I don't know why, but Tater's favorite thing to do is pick Diane's nose and pluck the little hairs from her chin. Personal hygiene is extremely important to this bird. In the audio she says, "I love you!"

Let's ride!

Tater looks like she was born for life in the doggie saddle. And Roc doesn't seem to mind too much, either - as long as there's a treat at the end of it all. In the audio, she's picked up Buzzard's "Gitcha gitcha gitcha."