July 4 2017 Weekend

We had a nice long weekend this year. Dad, Dan, and Joe joined us over the weekend from Saturday until Monday, and Dick and Jill had their pool party on Tuesday, the 4th. The fireworks were awesome, as usual. Here's the link to a video on David's FB page.


Here we are, soaking up whatever rays can make it through the reflection of the pool into the gazebo. This was a little over a week past David's heart attack. The weight loss was one nice benefit. Diane's smile is infectious.

Web D&D

Dad soaked up a little sun on the big swan. I hope that's me when I'm 86.

Dad in the swan

This was the family just before dinner together on Sunday night at the Marietta Fish Market. L-R: David, Diane, Chuck, Don, Leslie, Beth, Dan, Richard, Jill, Dad, Joe.

IMG_3136 Group

On the 4th, the gazebo was packed, with Richard's big egg (L) producing some fine BBQ beef, pork, and turkey for everybody. There were two long tables of food on the right and plenty of places to snack and catch up.

Web Poolside

Nice lazy afternoon by the pool.

Web Table talk

They was throwin' the sack near the deep end.


Web Hackey sack

I got a cool picture of Chuck here. The water plant seems to be reaching out to his face.


Web Chuck

Leslie is shown here setting up for beer pong.

Web BeerPongPrep

Beer pong in full swing. Amy and Niki vs Leslie and Chuck. I actually did capture the ball in mid air, but it looked more like a white cloud than a ping pong ball. Thanks, Photoshop, for a better solution.

Web Beer pong

Just had to include a shot from the garden by the pool. The flowers were so beautiful.

Web Garden closeup

Leslie's friend Reem and her husband Khaled flew in from Qatar. It was great to have them with us.

Web Rheem and hubby

This is George. He has the right idea. Red white and blue shutter shades.

Web Patriotic shades