Buzzard (Missy B)

We got Buzzard from Donna and Tommy. The bird got the name because of the way it seemed to crouch over the cage like a buzzard. We all assumed it was a "he." But then we noticed Buzz was starting to do nesting things and we decided to find out. We ordered a DNA test, and to our surprise, Buzzard was a "she."

We had to find a more feminine name, and frankly, the best we could do was "Missy B."

It's hard to let go of old habits, so we'll sometimes refer to her as "him." But he's really a she.

Mommy's pal

Buzz (Missy B) is definitely Diane's bird. She's loved that bird for years when it lived with sister Donna. For Buzz, it's like living with mommy, except that the house is full of stuff 🙂



Hey, buddy!

Buzz is a blue front Amazon, and a real talker. If you play the audio, you'll hear her complete the phrase, "I'm gonna git-you, git-you, git-you, ___" She does it in Donna's voice, which is just like hearing Diane say it.

True Colors

Before we clipped her wings, she looked like this. Beautiful wings, but after she flew up into the ceiling fan, we decided she needed to lose a few feathers.

Dance All Night

Every night before going to bed, Diane has a dance with Buzz, usually to the sounds of Roy Orbison or some other country/pop legend.