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We met each other through Heart To Heart, a dating service that existed in the Marietta area of Atlanta around 1996. It was David's first experience with a dating service, and it was Diane's last.

At the time, David was living in a starter home in Conyers and Diane owned a Victorian cottage in Monticello, but was staying with her twin sister on the weekends in Lithonia. The first date was a mixed bag. David picked her up in his second-hand paid-for Mitsubishi hatchback (ugh) and took her out for dinner and a movie in Buckhead. It was an Oscar-nominated chick flick called Emma, and David discovered it was everything Diane hated - a wimpy period piece with everyone speaking in a British accent. For David, however, Diane was fascinating. She had a way of asking a question that required a thoughtful answer.


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For the next six months, David would casually call and invite Diane to join him any time he went out to hear music. He would always get the response from her sister that she didn't want to go but he was welcome to come to their place on his way out. He always did.

One day, it finally sank in to Diane that this guy wasn't going away and he wasn't so bad after all, and they began dating. Things got serious when she moved in with him and re-decorated the house.


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We were married on July 11, 1998, at the home of Diane's step sister, Cheryl Murphy in Cartersville.

We moved to the Marietta area in 2001 in order to be closer to Donna (Diane's twin sister) and her new husband, Tommy Dodd (who we introduced to each other in 1997) and we have remained there ever since, in a mountain getaway style house at the end of a cul-de-sac, surrounded by trees.

We are passionate about music, birds, dogs, rats, ping pong, our family and our friends. Thank you for joining us on our personal page.